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You tell me, isn't this absolutely 
a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e? I mean seriously? I know this is small picture so you might not see it, but I have a bigger picture below.

I found it on Pinterest, but when I visited the site, I was saddened to find there was no tutorial, and even worse, not even a picture! But I have pinned it as an inspiration, and when I get a chance, I am going to recreate this beauty, maybe even with some tutorials!

I know that your jaws are dropping at how someone could do such, so once I get the proper materials (may take a while...), I'll post some tutorials. But don't worry, I'll do some tutorials with things on hand too, so stay tuned!



Kassie Wilber
02/20/2015 4:09pm

I really like that i would love to see the tutorials for that. My mom and I r into mystical things. Like fairies and things like that. So i can't wait. I hope u do one soon cause her B-Day is in June and this would be PERFECT for her

Erin A
02/20/2015 4:13pm

It'll take a while, but yes, I am working towards it! I recently made a birdcage, but couldn't make it a tutorial since I ran out of memory on my camera :( Come back soon and you just might find it. :)

Kassie Wilber
02/27/2015 1:29pm

Thanks I can't wait I hope u have a good time doing it. Maybe i can look on Youtube and see if there is a tutorial for it and maybe next time I can send you the link

06/27/2016 6:16pm

#1 That's soo cute and adorable AND #2 What size of dolls fits in it?

Erin Abraham
09/01/2016 1:46pm

Hey Paige,
I really don't know what size doll fits in it, but I do know that it is a hat box.
Hope that helps!

09/07/2016 2:58am

Dear Erin,

The person who posted this beauty, probably didnt make it by herself. ( or hisself) This are kits you can buy at Aliexpress and some other online webshops. You get this kit with all the suply's in it. However, you must still self assemble everything. It is a fun and easy way to make your own dollhouse miniature. They have these kits in several scales ( sizes) Btw, I just discoverd your site and I already know it is going to be a favourite one. Kind regards Anita.( Netherlands)

Erin A
09/07/2016 12:51pm

Hey Anita,

That is probably true; I never even thought about that! I should see if maybe I can get my hands on one :D Thank you very much :) I haven't posted in a while but I am still alive :D

02/20/2017 1:44pm

I've always loved tiny things and now have an almost 3 year old granddaughter that does as well. I'd love to make this beauty for her.
I look forward to your follow-ups

Erin A
02/20/2017 2:00pm

Hey Susan!

I'm glad! Miniatures are so much fun :) Hopefully I'll be posting a follow-up sometime next month. I just moved so I can't find any of my stuff! :D

-Erin A


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