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This post is to remember all those games we played as a child, so that those unique games will not perish with history. 
Chopsticks: This one is really hard to explain, so here is a Wikepedia link. We all play it the "Leftovers/Overlap/Remainders" way. 

Players: 2


Cops and Robbers: This game is similar to tag.

Players: 5 and above

Instructions: First pick two or three "police men". The rest of the people are "robbers". Allot a certain room or marked area as the "jail". Robbers will get a appointed amount of time, (50-100 seconds is good), to hide themselves from the police. After the time is over, the police go searching for the robbers. Once a police has found a robber, he can either call another police or try by himself to force the robber into the jail (this is where it gets a little out of control. So we made it that if a police forces the robber's hands behind his back, the robber has to submit to being carried away to prison. If the robber manages to escape, then the robber will have to run away and find a new hiding place.) Once a robber is in the jail, he can not escape unless he is freed by a specific method, some options include being tagged by a free robber, or as we play, tapping one of the polices heads. Once all the robbers are successfully forced into jail, the game restarts and new policemen are picked. 


Sat: This is a game I have seen no where on the internet, so I guess it is unique! It is similar to hide and seek. I'm not sure, but I think it may be known as Hide and Seek tag.

Players: 3 and above

Instructions: Pick a guardian, or a catcher, or an 'it', or a seeker, or whatever you call it :). Then pick a significant and easy to reach place, like a pillar or side of an wall. Make sure it does not cover too wide a space. Have the 'it' count to an appointed amount of time. Have the rest of the players hide. After 'it' is done counting, he has to go looking for the players. The goal of the game for the hiders is that they should reach the pillar before the 'it', and the goal of the 'it' is that he should reach the pillar before the hider. If the 'it' sees a hider, he should rush back to the pillar and call 'sat' on the person. For example, if he sees me hiding, he should rush to the pillar, touch it, and call, 'sat Erin!'. When the 'it' goes far enough from the pillar, hiders should come out and call sat in the 'it'. For example, if the 'it' name is Denny, then the hider should touch the pillar and call "sat Denny!". When the 'it' sees the hider coming out of his hiding place, the 'it' should try his best to 'sat' the hider before the hider sats the 'it'. Get it? I hope you do :).

Dumb Charades:
 This game is noiseless, perfect for those late night expeditions.

Players: 4 and above

Instructions: Form two equal teams. Pick a category. We usually use movies. Pick a team to act first. In this imaginary example, team 1 is acting first. So, team 2 come up with a movie. Meanwhile team 1 come up with an actor. Team two secretly tells team one's actor the name of the movie without the rest of team one hearing. You can choose to set time or not. Team one's actor now has to act out the movie title. No noise, which means no speaking, whistling, stamping, clapping loudly, you get it. Also no mouthing words. As a strategy, the team can set a code for popular words, like a finger going into a fist to show "into", or two hands rubbing against each other to show "beside". We also used a circling motion with the arms to show "close, keep guessing", or "different form of the word (-ing, -ed, etc.)." We also showed a hand to the ear to show "sounds like it or rhymes with it." For example, if the movie name is, Frozen, the actor may chose to shiver, then stand still and pretend to fall over, like a 'frozen' block of ice. Or if the movie was "Harry Potter", the actor could show 'hair', and the motions of a potter. Once I had a teammate that knew so many movies that I think everyone wanted to be on her team :). 


I think I'll add more games soon. 
Have fun!


11/04/2014 11:20am

WOW!!! We are SO alike! I play all of these even now with my sister!

Erin A
11/20/2014 4:18pm

That is awesome! I'm glad we share these wonderful games! Have fun!

Andrea Paul
11/19/2014 7:49pm

Hi erin! I remember playing most of these games with YOU! thanks for the memories! P.S. Do you still remember me friend?

Erin A
11/20/2014 4:16pm

Of course I remember you!! I would never forget! :) :) :) :) It's so nice to hear from you!! Hope you are doing well!

Andrea Paul
11/19/2014 7:51pm

Hey erin! remember me? those games we used to play still give me great times!

Erin A
11/20/2014 4:21pm

Same here! :D


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