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All Things Mini
Part 2! We will be doing pillows today. These are real easy. Unfortunately I think I've lost a few pictures so hopefully my instructions will do.

Needle and thread
Stuffing (cotton balls can do. batting would be nice)

Step 1: Cut out a squarish piece from fabric of choice.
All Things Mini
It should be about the length of the bed.
All Things Mini
The white thing is the bed :)

Step 2: Fold in half with the wrong side facing out. It is extremely important you don't forget to make sure you are stitching with wrong side out.

Step 3: Stitch down both sides
All Things Mini

Step 4: Stitch a little from both sides so that there is only a medium sized hole in the middle. I don't have a picture for this :(

Step 5: Flip inside out
All Things Mini

Step 5: Stuff. If you are using cotton balls, make sure to pull it apart into small pieces so it won't ball up inside. 
All Things Mini

Step 6: Seal up the hole using ladder stitch. A google search should give you instructions on this. It is fairly simple.
All Things Mini
You can even do the same thing with a round pillow! :)
I even made a bed skirt! I did this by cutting a piece of white fabric the size of the bed and attached lace to the ends. Check it out!
All Things Mini

The pink "sheet" is a just a piece of fabric from an old dress :) I've been meaning to make a comforter for a while but I haven't got to it... I'll be sure to update you if I do.

I really didn't mean for it to be so pinky... 


11/04/2016 9:02pm

This is so cool! Looks amazing and realistic!

Erin A
11/04/2016 9:49pm

Thank you! Glad you like it!


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