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A few days ago I salvage a broken clip and found some perfect miniatures (see pictures below). I made a frame out of it. I thought it would be perfect imitation of the pictures in "beautiful idea". See tutorial below.

My salvaged clip (before and after.) I simply pulled the thingamajigies apart with a plier. 
See the thing circled in red? Those are my frames.

I got the frames directly from the clip, but you might be able to find something else, like a large chain link. If the chain link is too ovalish, use a plier to shape it.

Okay, back to real thing :)

Something to use as a frame 
Piece of paper
Optional: Black paint
I know half the things are not there, but that's because it was my first try and I didn't think about what I'd need. Plus, you guys know the other things!


Option 1:

Step 1: Cut out a paper a bit bigger than the opening of your frame..

Step 2: Trace a picture onto your piece of paper. I used a silhouette, since I felt that would be the easiest to draw. Also remember the "beautiful idea" I showed you about a week ago? That picture frame had a silhouette, and I actually traced off of that - making minor adjustment to fit my picture frame!

Optional Step 3: Color over the pencil with black colored pencil or black paint. (I did this, but I forgot to take pictures :)

Step 4: Put glue around the edges of the frame that will touch the paper. Then glue them together and wait to dry.

Instructions for Option 2:
(I don't have pictures 'cause I couldn't do it. :) 

Step 1: Print your picture/silhouette onto a piece of paper, making sure to zoom in/out so that the picture will fit in your frame.

Step 2: Cut the picture out of the paper.

Step 3: Put glue around the edges of the frame that will touch the paper. Then glue them together and wait to dry.

You are done!

I hope you can tell this was done in a hurry :)

So please leave your comments or questions in the comment box below. Email not required. Also, your name can be anything you can think of. I don't need to know your name or email address  :)


05/21/2014 2:39pm

This looks like a lillte brochet that my grandma all ways where to church

05/22/2014 3:03am

Did you mean brooch? You can make your own silhouette in the frame and then stick a safety pin to the back of it and give to your grandma as a gift! Personalized Brooch! :) Maybe for Grandmother's day?

03/22/2015 7:58pm

Wow! Amazing tutorial, I love this website, it so full of awesome tutorials!! Keep it up, Erin! :D

03/22/2015 7:59pm

Thanks so much, Dora! :)


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